Loyal, loving, and devoted, the Boxer breed would seem like the perfect family dog. Despite having many positive attributes, responsible Boxer breeders will tell you that they aren’t a breed for everyone, so before bringing a Boxer into your life, you should do your research and choose carefully. If more people made better choices before bringing a dog into their life, fewer dogs would end up in rescue or require re-homing.

Boxer Characteristics

Boxers are handsome, strong, athletic dogs with great enthusiasm for life. They are playful, exuberant, energetic, and often mischievous, with an amazing ability to make their owners laugh with their comical behaviour and facial expressions. They love to please their family, and Boxer owners will tell you that the breed can show great empathy for their owners and often exhibit almost human characteristics. Personality plus, you can often tell what Boxers are thinking just by looking at them.