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Dog grooming tips for beginners. Learn to use the correct tools and techniques for your dog's coat to keep your dog clean, well-groomed and looking beautiful.
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Dog Health

Maintaining dog health can be challenging and expensive. Unfortunately, our canine friends are just like us. They suffer from a vast array of medical conditions from time to time. Maintaining your dog’s health by providing good general care can go a long way to preventing many health conditions.

A good diet, regular exercise and regular maintenance of eyes, teeth and coat will contribute to your dog’s overall health. In addition, it is best to get familiar with the genetic diseases that may affect the breed you are interested in bringing into your life. Being selective when purchasing a puppy and choosing a reputable breeder who participates in genetic health testing is also advisable.

However, bear in mind that crossbreed dogs can also suffer from genetic disorders because many breeds carry the same genes for common genetic diseases. For instance, a cross of two different dog breeds that both frequently suffer from hip dysplasia may result in a dog developing the disorder.

Browse our canine health care articles, including general dog health and canine genetic, breed-related health conditions. Learn how to avoid these issues and help maintain your dog’s health and wellbeing.

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