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Canine Animal Info is a website by Animalinfo Publications dedicated to responsible dog ownership. Animalinfo Publications was founded in 2007 by Diana Andersen, a professional photographer and designer with a passion for animals and education. Diana has also spent much of her professional life working with dogs and other animals as a zookeeper and wildlife carer. A published author of animal care books, Diana released her publication ‘Getting to Know Dogs’ in 2013, a detailed guide to dog ownership.

Sharing your life with a canine companion is highly recommended, but only if you make the right choices for your home and lifestyle. Dogs are not a status symbol, something that you choose to match your decor or a disposable item to be dropped off at the nearest rescue when you can no longer afford it, or it has become an inconvenience.

Responsible dog ownership requires a financial commitment, a great deal of time, an understanding of basic training principles, and an obligation to maintain your pet’s health and well-being.

Explore our articles on dog breeds, health, dog training and general dog ownership to help you make the best choices before bringing a dog into your life.

Fewer dogs will end up in rescue if people make better choices!


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Diana Andersen is a professional photographer with a background in design. Her award-winning work is held by major Australian galleries and collections. After years spent as a practising designer and a lecturer in design, Diana turned her attention to her other passion, animals, and became a zookeeper working in conservation. A published author, Diana initially used photography to illustrate her books, but it has since become a passion. Diana founded Animalinfo Publications in 2007.
Border Collie Puppy


Explore our articles on dogs and responsible dog ownership. Read about canine health, training, dog breeds and general care of your canine companion.


Pelican print by Diana Andersen


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