Positive reinforcement dog training information.

Dog Training

The importance of dog training can’t be understated. Positive reinforcement training builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your dog, Learn more about dog training.

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Dog Breeds

Fewer dogs would end up in rescue if people made better choices. Research the breed you are interested in thoroughly before choosing to bring a dog into your life.

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Dog Health

Maintaining your dog’s health and well being is the fundamental responsibility of all dog owners. Learn more about common health issues and caring for the health of your dog.

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Find a Dog Event

Are you looking for fun dog events to attend with your furry friend? There are some great options including puppy and dog breed fun days, pet expos, dog sporting events, dog walks and more.


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Looking for fun dog events to attend with your furry friend? Check out our guide to canine activities happening near you! From puppy fun days to dog sporting competitions, there’s something for every dog and their owner to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the fun and make sure to mark your calendars for these pawsome events.

Learn more about a dog breed you are interested in by attending a breed fun day or information day often held by dog breed clubs and associations. There are also charity dog walks and dog rescue events that you can attend and help raise much needed funds for rescue organisations.

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