Dog Ownership Guide – Getting to Know Dogs


Choosing, Caring For and Living With Man’s Best Friend

Author: Diana Andersen

This comprehensive, easy to use dog ownership guide covers topics including the history and origin of the domestic dog, popular breeds, locating and choosing a healthy dog or puppy, the first days at home, diet, basic training and an extensive section on maintaining the health and wellbeing of your canine companion.

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The Ultimate Dog Ownership Guide by Diana Andersen, Animalinfo Publications

ISBN: 978-1-921537-22-6

  • Hardcover
  • Full-colour glossy edition.
  • 174pages

The book is illustrated throughout with over 200 stunning gloss photographs that capture the spirit of dogs and includes informative diagrams and helpful photographs in the book's general care and health sections.

Dogs quickly find their way into your heart and become part of your family. Getting to Know Dogs is an ideal gift for anyone contemplating getting a dog. It is also a handy guide for anyone that already owns a dog and understands the importance of providing the best possible care for their four-legged family member.


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