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The importance of dog training can’t be understated. Positive reinforcement training builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your dog, Learn more about dog training.

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Fewer dogs would end up in rescue if people made better choices. Research the breed you are interested in thoroughly before choosing to bring a dog into your life.

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Maintaining your dog’s health and well being is the fundamental responsibility of all dog owners. Learn more about common health issues and caring for the health of your dog.

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Keeshond Photo Gallery

We hope you enjoy our Keeshond photo gallery. Keeshonds are beautiful dogs with plush silver grey coats, a dark face mask, and a happy, outgoing temperament. Originating in Holland, Keeshonds are a spitz breed, originally used on the canal barges as guard dogs and companions. Images in these galleries are available for purchase as rights-managed stock images. Contact us for a quote.  For royalty-free images see our range on Alamy or Stock. Our images are subject to copyright, and their use is prohibited without permission.

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