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Dog ownership requires a commitment, both financial and in time and dedication to training and health care. Making the right choice when bringing a crossbred dog into your life is essential. The wrong choice can result in the heartbreaking decision to rehome your dog. Browse our articles on dogs to help you make the correct choice. Our articles include general health issues, genetic health conditions that may affect crossbred dogs, ownership and positive reinforcement training to help you understand the commitment required when bringing a dog into your life.

Fewer dogs would end up in rescue if people made better choices when bringing a dog into their family.

Medicating Dog Eyes

Medicating Dog Eyes

Although some dogs may never need eye medications, most will probably end up with a minor problem at some stage that requires treatment. Injuries may be physical trauma to the eye, like a scratch from a stick or a foreign body like grass seeds.
Trimming Dog’s Nails

Trimming Dog’s Nails

Trimming dog's nails can be done at home with care. Early conditioning to allow your dog to be comfortable with nail trimming is essential.


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